Pushpak Sandwich PUF Panels

Sandwich panels are a type of construction material that consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two outer layers, typically made of metal or composite materials. These panels offer excellent thermal insulation, high strength, and durability, making them ideal for various applications such as roofing, wall cladding, cold storage, and industrial buildings. Sandwich PUF panels are lightweight, easy to install, and provide energy-efficient solutions that contribute to reduced heating and cooling costs. They are also fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and customizable in terms of size, thickness, and design. Overall, sandwich PUF panels are a versatile and efficient choice for modern construction, providing insulation, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal to buildings.

Pushpak PUF-Roof Panels

Sandwich panels for roofing have gained significant popularity in the construction industry, offering a comprehensive solution that combines strength, insulation, and efficiency. These panels, consisting of two outer layers with an insulating core material in between, provide numerous advantages that make them an excellent choice for roofing applications.

Sandwich panels for roofing provide a winning combination of thermal insulation, strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Their excellent performance in insulation, lightweight design, quick installation, and versatile aesthetics make them an ideal choice for roofing applications. Experience the benefits of sandwich panels for your roofing needs and enjoy a durable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing roof that enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics of your building.

Pushpak PUF-Wall Panels

Wall cladding sandwich panels have revolutionized the construction industry, providing a versatile and efficient solution for building facades. These panels, consisting of two outer layers with an insulating core material in between, offer a range of benefits that enhance the aesthetics, performance, and energy efficiency of buildings

With their easy installation, weather resistance, and acoustic performance, these panels enhance the overall building envelope and contribute to a comfortable and visually appealing environment. Embrace the benefits of wall cladding sandwich panels and elevate the aesthetics and performance of your building façade.

Pushpak Cold-Room Panels

Our mission is to be the premier manufacturer of cold room panels, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for temperature-controlled storage and preservation. Through our relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver superior cold room panels that optimize energy efficiency, maintain precise temperature control, and ensure the integrity and freshness of stored goods. By leveraging our expertise in panel manufacturing and cold chain technologies, we aim to empower industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and logistics to enhance product safety, minimize wastage, and improve operational efficiency. Together with our customers, we aim to build a future where cold storage solutions drive sustainable growth and make a positive impact on global supply chains.

Pushpak PUF Insulated Doors

PUF (Polyurethane Foam) doors are specialized doors that feature a core made of PUF insulation material. These doors are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications, including cold storage facilities, warehouses, cleanrooms, and other environments that require temperature control, sound insulation, and energy efficiency.

PUF doors offer a reliable and efficient solution for environments that require insulation, soundproofing, and energy efficiency. Their thermal insulation properties, durability, customization options, and compliance with industry standards make them suitable for a wide range of applications where temperature control, hygiene, and security are crucial considerations.


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