Ventilation moves outdoor air into a building or a room, and distributes the air within the building or room. The general purpose of ventilation in buildings is to provide healthy air for breathing by both diluting the pollutants originating in the building and removing the pollutants from it Building ventilation has three basic elements:
  • ventilation rate — the amount of outdoor air that is provided into the space, and the quality of the outdoor air
  •  airflow direction — the overall airflow direction in a building, which should be from clean zones to dirty zones; and
  • air distribution or airflow pattern — the external air should be delivered to each part of the space in an efficient manner and the airborne pollutants generated in each part of the space should also be removed in an efficient manner.
To ensure that your warehouse or Factory is operating at its optimal best, Industrial ventilation is one factor that you should focus on improving. A warehouse without proper ventilation could lead to uncomfortable employees and even unhealthy working conditions, leading to a lower productivity rate.

Advantages of Proper Industrial Ventilation

Increased Safety

  • Proper Industrial ventilation means increased safety because constant airflow removes dust, debris, and other harmful airborne particles that could pose a risk to your workers.
  • In small amounts, dust particles and gas emissions are harmless. But if your facility is not well-ventilated, these particles and emissions can build up, and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

Increased Productivity

  • Providing proper warehouse ventilation can make your facility conducive to working. If your storage facility gets constant airflow, your employees will be comfortable enough and focused enough to manage all of their tasks with minimal distractions and/or interruptions.
  • A poorly ventilated facility can become hot and humid, which can directly impact your employees’ capacity to work. It may sound farfetched, but humidity can deter any person from being productive, and there’s a scientific reason behind it.

Ridge Vent

Metal Louvers

Polycarbonate Louvers

Polycarbonate Louver


Louver Type : Adjustable
Usage / Application : Industrial
Material : Steel
Brand : Pushpak
Color: Green
Opening Pattern: Vertical

Ventilation Louvers


Material :Steel
Brand :Pushpak
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