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Thermo Guard Sheets

Pushpak Thermoguard is a unique Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets solution. It is an under-deck multilayer thermal insulated metal roof and wall cladding sheet. It has a special composition of thermal insulating material as per application and customer’s needs.
Today due to global warming people are experiencing trends of inconsistent weather conditions. In such conditions, constructing and maintaining energy efficient, safe, long-lasting, and pleasing structures demand innovative technology, which will enhance the entire building envelope for greatest performance. We understand that solutions can come from anywhere. That is why we look further afield, then the traditional construction category to bring flawless engineering and inspired ideas to build and construct projects of all kinds. We bring thermal insulated metal roofing solutions that help insulate, protect, and enhance residential, commercial and industrial buildings to help you achieve the most durable, reliable and valuable results for your projects.

Pushpak Thermoguard consist of three kinds of different materials to give the product their own features and combined to make a new generation of sound and Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets. The purpose of Pushpak Thermoguard is to maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate at low ambient. To make workplace feel more alive, vital, healthy and refreshing. Ease of installation and diversity of applications. Pushpak Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets Radiant Barriers are very easy to handle and install, has a strong water vapour permeability to resist moisture absorption. All that is required are simple hand tools. Pushpak Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets are some of the most diverse, energy conserving roofing and wall cladding materials available, with verified applications for residences/ industrial/commercial/warehouse/school/college/hall/public buildings and agricultural storage structures.

Pushpak Thermoguard consist of three kinds of different materials to give the product their own features and combined to make a new generation of heat insulation profile sheets

  • Top surface layer: Is profile metal sheet which provide strength and durability of steel, available in PPGI/GL/PPGL in profile of 1100 mm actual width and 1025 mm cover width.
  • Middle Layer: EPE / XLPE Foam as per application in thickness of 5 mm.
  • Bottom Layer : Aluminium Foil



  1. Easy to install. Minimizes labor fatigue. In addition, increases productivity.
  2. Increases machine life by reducing heating.
  3. Dust, odor, moisture free. Fire retardant.
  4. Anti-radiation and anti-vibration. Corrosion resistant.
  5. High reflectivity reflects about 97 % of radiant heat and UV rays.
  6. Heat and Sound insulation. Chemically unreactive.

C & Z Purlin

Pushpak C & Z Purlin are Secondary members of structures, which serve as the material of construction for fast-track projects. These purlins are characterized by high strength, yet low cost (as a result of the high strength to weight ration) Pushpak Purlins are supplied in required sizes and lengths with pre-punched holes for quick bolting. We offer purlins in galvanized coated steel in 120GSM/175 GSM/275 GSM coating as per customer requirement

Capsule Hole

Technical & Material Specification:

Thickness:1.5mm to 3 mm
Material:Galvanized Steel
Length:Up to 13 meter
Yield Strength:245 MPa to 345 MPa

Benefits of C & Z Purlins

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Economical
  • Can be used for large spans
  • Better quality & Finish
  • Quick Installation

Standard Purlin Section C & Z-Section YS – 245 MPA & 345 MPA

C1201206060 40-1001.5-2.5
C1501506060 40-1301.5-2.5
C1801807070 40-1601.5-2.5
C2502508080 40-2301.5-2.5
C2802808080 40-2601.5-2.5
C3003008080 40-2801.5-2.5
Size H B1 B2 c h t
Z120 120 60 55 40-100 1.5-2.5
Z150 150 60 55 40-130 1.5-2.5
Z180 180 70 65 40-160 1.5-2.5
Z200 200 70 65 20 40-180 1.5-2.5
Z250 250 80 75 40-230 1.5-2.5
Z280 280 80 75 40-260 1.5-2.5
Z300 300 80 75 40-280 1.5-2.5
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