Roofing Accessories


  • To prevent water penetration into structure from joints or as use as a water resistant barrier system. Flashings are intended to decrease water penetration at locations such as Chimneys, Vent pipes, walls, Windows and door openings to make buildings more durable.
  • Flashing are named according to its location or shapes like Ridges, Gable end flashing, Eves flashing, Gutter flashing, Corner flashing, Apron flashing, Wall flashing, Cap flashing etc.
  • We are having separate in-house manufacturing facility for various types of flashings also we provide facility for manufacturing flashings at site by considering its sizes and requirements to fulfill project requirements.

Rolling Downspout Pipes

Downspout machine is procured for to roll higher size downspout which will ensure for proper drainage of water and will eliminate gutter overflow completely. Simultaneously two pipe bending machines one rolling type and another press type introduced to enhance the fabrication capability of building with bend pipe/tube structure to form required structural shape. Tubes are bent to suit the shape of the structural requirement and are suitable in roofing for large span structure

Self-Tapping Screws

Foam Closure

  • Foam closures are strips of dense foam rubber that can be used on either side of a metal panel to help seal it. They are designed to fill the space between the roof deck (the base on which the roof rests) and the raised parts of the metal panel.
  • An outside foam closure is used on top of the metal panel, while an inside foam closure is used underneath. These strips are typically 1″ thick and 1″-2″ wide, with a length that matches the metal roofing panel they are designed for.
  • During the installation of a metal roof, both inside and outside foam closure strips are required at various metal roofing flashing details. This is an important step that helps protect against wind-driven rain.

Butyl Tape

What is Butyl Tape ?

Butyl tape is a type of synthetic rubber adhesive that is formulated in a laboratory rather than extracted from a rubber tree. This solvent-based adhesive is thermoplastic, meaning that exposure to high heat can soften the adhesive and impact its effectiveness. However, butyl adhesives are designed to be less sensitive to temperature variations than natural rubber adhesives. They remain more flexible in cold weather and more stable in high temperatures. Due to their excellent durability and flexibility, butyl tapes are often used in applications where an airtight bond is required. Most butyl tapes come with a liner because their aggressive adhesive system forms a permanent bond to the surface it sticks to, even to itself.

Butyl/Sealant Tape is specifically designed for side and end lap sealing of metal panels, roof vents, and pipe flashing. It provides optimum sealing in harsh environments and adheres to most clean, dry metal surfaces without hardening, bleeding, or staining.

PVC pipe/elbow

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