Roof & Wall Profile Sheets

Trapezoidal profile sheet: P1100

P1100 Trapezoidal Profile is supplied in different thickness lengths as per requirement dimensions. This profile is suitable for Roof and wall panels.


Construction and infrastructure: Industrial roofing and cladding, cold storage and warehouses, airports, atriums in malls, showrooms, false ceilings, lighting fixture – White goods: Refrigerators, display freezers, washing machine, Solar Industries.

White goods

Refrigerators, display freezers, washing machine, Solar Industries

Liner Profile

Crimping Sheets

Curved Sheets are available from Pushpak 1100 profile, curving through computerized, PLC controlled crimping machine. The minimum length of curve is 300 mm, start lead is 50mm & end lead is 350mm thereby making length of curved sheet possible as 800mm, length restrictions apply to curved sheets. Curved sheet in high tensile metal is supplied at customer’s risk.

Hood Covers

Conveyor belt hood is also known as a rainproof cover, dustproof cover, which is used to protect the conveyed materials and parts of the belt conveyor from the rain, snow, wind, sun. Conveyor belt hood can be divided into fixed type, open type, observation window type. Conveyor belt hood is widely used in energy, construction material, metallurgy, chemical, ports, mining, and other industries.

Galvanized Corrugated sheets

Polycarbonate Profile sheet

Polycarbonate (Skylight) Sheets

  • Used as Sky light sheets in-between metallic Roofing sheets
  • Impact resistant to fire , acid, UV stabilized or resistant
  • Durable, High strength and hence almost unbreakable; light weight and flexible.
  • Give good impact resistance & bending properties
  • Ultraviolet protective
  • Highly resistance to flame and do not causes toxic gases when on fire
  • Light transmission up to 80%
  • Reduces Electricity cost & improves working environment
  • Available in plain and embossed form in accordance to roof sheet profile
  • Durability : Approximately for 10 years
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