Deck Profile Sheets

Deck Profile Sheet

Pushpak Steel Deck is used as composite floor system. The Steel deck profile sheet has a ribbed profile with embossment to interlock with concrete slabs, creating a reinforced concrete slab that serves dual purpose of permanent form and positive reinforcement.


  • An efficient and economical alternative for multi storey buildings.
  • Steel Deck is stronger than the conventional shuttering.
  • It is faster to install than conventional shuttering, congestion free area during construction gives free space for parallel activities, and this saves considerable project time.
  • Steel Deck eliminates shuttering and de shuttering planks, and other props and provides clear space for working underside the rec floor.
  • ┬áSimultaneous casting of multiple floors possible
  • Steel deck reduces the concrete thickness and the reinforcement, which in turn increase floor-to-floor clear height.
  • Steel Deck reduces project cost since it economizes concrete and steel consumption.
  • Deck profile sheet is offered in Zinc coated and pre coated steel, zinc ranging from 120 to 275 gsm, which gives better resistance against corrosion.

Steel Deck is widely used in multi-storey buildings. Storage facilities, industrial sheds, shopping mall, warehouses, and power plants.

Pushpak Deck is Available in three Different Profiles
  • TR51
  • TR60
  • TR75

Shear Connection In Composite Beams:

Shear Connector Studs are designed to tie the concrete slab to the steel beams and to resist shear loadings between the concrete slab and steel beam in composite construction. The Shear Stud is made of steel and it is delivered with a ceramic ferrule to ensure a good connection of the Stud with the beam. The shear Studs are available in different lengths and diameters. The length of the Stud will be reduced by approximately 5mm during the welding process. The ferrules are made of clay and able to withstand heat shock as well as high temperatures without melting or breaking.

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